Cold Water Writing 9/08/2017

This morning and this afternoon, and every other day, when the clock hits 6:10am I dive into the icy cold water. The cold water stabs me like I just dived in a pile of nails. Goosebumps raise on me, like little mountains, and my body goes rigid. I slowly pull my body through the ice bath of water; kicking my legs to keep me afloat. The clock slowly turns 11 past 6 - after what feels like forever. I am close to the wall, I tuck my head in, and I turn. My legs hit the briskly cold wall. I push off and glide into the second length of the 200 freestyle. The water warms up as I keep swimming, turning, gliding, pulling through the water.

The Sir Peter Blake Award!

On the last day of school for Term 2, The Sir Peter Blake Award was handed out. I was the person from my class who had got it. If you don't know who Sir Peter Blake is he sailed around the 5 times! He also competed in the America's Cup 3 times. The first time he won the America's Cup for New Zealand he wore the famous "Red Socks". The "Red Socks" were a present from his wife and when ever he wore them good things happened. Sadly he got killed by pirates in the Brazil seas. He was on a mission with some other scientists to find out about climate change. He said climate change was bad back in 2000, imagine what it’s like now 17 years later. In the pack I got: A book - The Story of Sir Peter Blake by Tessa Duber, A Medal, A pair of red socks and a certificate. I was nominated by Mrs Baird last year and also Mrs Frances-Rees.  “Molly is a fantastic role model, who uses her initiative and is always willing to help others.  She is a fantastic leader who is ve…

My EMBARRASSING Brother - That I Don't Have!!

Goal: Language Resources
“Why, why, WHY? Why is MY brother so embarrassing?” Well you're probably wondering why I’m going on about my brother being so EMBARRASSING, well let me explain! My brother is a very awkward, smelly (like a rotting rat was in his pocket), PS4 addicted (like a cat to catnip), geeky 15 year old, who has no friends - well he does have 1 friend…… but she’s not really real!
My Mum is a ‘go and get some fresh air’ kind of mum, so when my mum said to my brother “Go and get look at the beautiful surroundings out in the air,” he didn’t argue he just did what my mum said and got some clean air, rather than a stinky boys room. Here is the embarrassing part; He took his imaginary ‘Girlfriend’ with him! You might be thinking why is this so bad, let’s just say IT’S BAD!!
If he is in a public space he pretends to be with his ‘girlfriend’ and he does all the things that people with their ‘special friend’; like holding hands and all the other GROSS things people do with thei…

Inquiry Project Term 2 - Carbon Dioxide

Trees help to prevent climate change. In one year an acre of trees can provide oxygen for 18 people. Trees help to prevent climate change trees also save water. Studies have shown that trees heal people;like children with ADHD have less symptoms when they are in nature. Trees protect people from sun rays. The gases produces clean air for people to breath in provide food, water and wood to light a fire - to keep warm. Trees absorb all the gases horrible in the world (nitrogen oxide, ozone, sulfur dioxide)
Carbon dioxide is a colourless gas - that is a slightly toxic carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. In the last century more and more Co2 has been going into the earth's atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is increasing each day because of us humans It is mainly natural but humans influence it like: fossil fuels (factories), fires, trees, cows and more. Co2 is also from nature, so it's not all our fault (thank goodness!). It has made the ocean 30% more acidic, its is killing animals becaus…

Inquiry Project Term 1 - Sophie Pascoe

On the 8th of January 1993, Sophie Pascoe was born. Little did she know that she would be a world champion. She is a gold medalist Paralympian, swimmer! Her fatal injury made her famous.      

She was only two years old when she lost her leg. Her dad mowed over her leg with the lawn mower, and she got rushed to hospital immediately, by her neighbour and her dad. She spent six hours on the operating table and was fighting for her life, by then they only saved her right leg with only scares. In total Sophie spent 18 days at the hospital.

An important person in Sophie’s life was her grand dad (Gragra).  When she was only 9 years old and the start of Sophies swimming career, her granddad was at the final stages of his battle of lung cancer. She made a promise with her granddad that she would go to the olympics and win a gold medal. Little did she know in the following years to come that's what will happen. She keep this promise ever since.
She became a professional swimmer by, taking sw…

Persuasive Writing #2

Why Oamaru should extend the Oamaru Pool to a 50m pool.
Would you get annoyed if when you went to the pool and you couldn't swim because there wasn't enough room to swim? Well why do you have to put up with that, there is enough room to extend the pool why don't they make a start?  
Recently the pool has got a lot more people going through the doors; which means more money for the Waitaki District Council. With more people going through the doors means more complaints because the pool is not big enough. The Oamaru Swim Club has grown majorly in the last couple of years. The squads have gotten bigger. Which means that the squads and lessons will take up more lanes in the pool. Then there is all the aqua joggers that want a lot of room to aqua jog in. There is also the public who just want to swim in lanes (but then have to get kicked out of their lane for squads) and not be jammed in. What about all those people that just go to the pool to play? If all the lanes are filled wi…

Persuasive Writing #1

Why we shouldn’t have a lifeguard as a coach while our actual coach is away.
NOTE: This is not about the person it is about why we should have a professional coach while our actual coach is away!
How would YOU like if a random person, (That doesn’t know what to do!) came one day instead of your actual coach and YOU, got bossed around like they know what to do? Would you like that? Well I don’t like it when that happens. My reasons are they don’t know what to do, get angry at you for not doing the right thing *when you are*, and everyone goes all silly because no one will say “Don’t do that!”
We shouldn’t have a lifeguard as a coach while our actual coach is away because they don’t know what we actually do in training: As swimmers (and as Intermediate and Age group squad swim mainly everyday) we know what we do in swimming, so we don’t need to be told what to do; like “now you do 16 lengths (400 meters) of IM” - We know what it means. I know that Development Squad is younger and they nee…